Nanji Residency

In order to think collectively about the ecosystem in the Anthropocene, NERIRI KIRURU HARARA enhances the communion between human and animal, traverses the boundary of diseases by training both respiration and muscle, and respects the life-energy and imagination of plants.?

SeMA Nanji Residency is an international residency located between Noeul Park and Haneul Park, established by renovating a former leachate treatment plant in Nanji Hangang Park. A number of international artists participating in NERIRI KIRURU HARARA will create new works for the biennale while staying in residence. The Argentinian artist Eduardo Navarro will conduct three performances titled Horses Don't Lie in a small wood within Nanjicheon Park from September through October. This work thoroughly deconstructs human language, inducing the training of intuitive thinking and the experience of how other living bodies feel time.

Soichiro Mihara has been investigating what lies beyond contemporary social systems since the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake. He will be releasing moving marbles covered with moss in all branches of SeMA throughout the biennale period. The movement of the moss marbles reminds one of the union between indifferent life and living soul so that one becomes curious about the inner mechanism. The marbles' presence in Nanji Residency creates additional opportunities for imagination. The surroundings, regenerated from a landfill into an enjoyable urban natural park, makes us imagine, as we would imagine the inside of the marbles, the underground world beneath the green grass, and the mechanisms of cities below the earth.