Mediacity Seoul

Sharing the “post-museum” vision of Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul is a recurring international survey of contemporary art, with a focus on media art and other art forms that pertain to the concept of media.

Founded in 2000, Mediacity Seoul has reflected the city of Seoul as a center of media art and technology, and expanded the identity of Seoul Museum of Art. Its mission focuses on serving as a catalyst for creating momentums for art, media, and technology; promoting local artists while encouraging international conversations; and incubating a wider constituency for art and culture. Hosted by Seoul Museum of Art, Mediacity Seoul celebrates its ninth edition in 2016. 

Past Editions

  • Mediacity Seoul 2014 (8th edition)
    Ghosts, Spies, Grandmothers
    September 2 ? November 23, 2014
    SeMA Seosomun Main Museum, Korean Film Archive
    Artistic Director: Park Chan-kyong
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  • Mediacity Seoul 2012 (7th edition)
    Spell on You
    September 11 ? November 4, 2012
    SeMA Seosomun Main Museum, Sangam Digital Media City
    Artistic Director: Jinsang Yoo Curators Dooeun Choi, Yukiko Shikata, Olof van Winden
  • Mediacity Seoul 2010 (6th edition)
    September 7 ? November 17, 2010
    SeMA Seosomun Main Museum, SeMA Gyeonghuigung Museum of Art, Seoul Museum of History, Simpson Memorial Hall
    Artistic Director: Sunjung Kim
    Curators: Clara Kim, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Fumihiko Sumitomo
  • Mediacity Seoul 2008 (5th edition)
    Turn and Widen
    September 12 ? November 5, 2008
    SeMA Seosomun Main Museum
    Artistic Director: Ilho Park
    Curators: Maarten Bertheux, Andreas Broeckmann, Tohru Matsumoto, Ra?l Zamudio
  • Mediacity Seoul 2006 (4th edition)
    Dual Realities
    October 18 ? December 10, 2006
    SeMA Seosomun Main Museum
    Artistic Director: Wonil Rhee
    Curators: Yuko Hasegawa, Lev Manovich, Iris Mayer, Pi Li 
  • Mediacity Seoul 2004 (3th edition)
    Digital Homo Ludens
    December 15, 2004 ? February 6, 2005
    SeMA Seosomun Main Museum
    Artistic Director: Jin Sup Yoon
    Curators: Tilman Baumgaertel, Hans D. Christ, Liz Hughes, Johan Pijnappel 
  • Mediacity Seoul 2002 (2nd edition)
    Lunar’s Flow
    September 26 ? November 24, 2002
    SeMA Seosomun Main Museum
    Artistic Director: Wonil Rhee
    Curators: Marie de Brugerolle, Michael Cohen, Huang Du, Gregor Jansen, Kim Machan, Gunalan Nadarajan, Azuyama Takashi 
  • Mediacity Seoul 2000 (1st edition)
    City: between 0 and 1
    September 2 ? November 15, 2000
    Metropolitan Museum of History, 13 subway stations
    Artistic Director: Misook Song
    Curators: Barbara London, Jeremy Millar, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Byong Hak Ryu