"I don't know anything about the internet", February 6, 1996, Hankyoreh

Korean Internet Tour Day

10.08, 3:00pm — 6:00pm
Project Gallery, Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Building 3F (map)

Public talk,?Concurrent event of Korean Internet Tour Guide

E Roon Kang & Achim Koh & Wonyoung So

E Roon Kang?
b. 1980. Lives and works in Seoul and New York.?
E Roon Kang is based in New York, where he operates Math Practice, an interdisciplinary design and research studio. He is a TED Fellow and was previously a research fellow at SENSEable City Laboratory of MIT. Kang gave talks and lectures at TED Conferences and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity among others, and taught classes at universities including Bauhaus- Universit?t Weimar and New York University. He holds an MFA in graphic design from Yale University, and is currently an assistant professor and associate director of the BFA Communication Design program at Parsons School of Design.?

Achim Koh?
b. 1986. Lives and works in Seoul and New York.?
Achim Koh studies digital media and the contemporary society. He has worked as a translator, co-founded the music performance video blog recandplay.net, and worked as a researcher at the Making Lab of the 4th Anyang Public Art Project. He graduated Yonsei University with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. Koh is currently in the MA in Liberal Studies program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. He also is in the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program, and is a Graduate Student Researcher at the New Media Lab in the Graduate Center.?

Wonyoung So?
b. 1986. Lives and works in Seoul and Boston.?
Wonyoung So is a data visualization designer that specializes in combining computational analysis and narratives, in particular, network visualization and mapping the invisible. He is also interested in developing creative systems. He has graduated from Kookmin University with a BFA in Visual Communication Design. He cofounded the crowdfunding platform Tumblbug. He is currently a data visualization specialist at SENSEable City Laboratory of MIT.

Korean Internet Tour Guide is an attempt to examine the history of Korean internet from the points of view of both users and producers as well as insiders and observers. Korean Internet Tour Guide is a collection of moments in which diverse social elements such as technological conditions, users, work style, and political and economic interests have contributed in shaping the country’s internet; these moments center around software interfaces that people used to access the internet and participate in its production.

As a public program concurrent with the project, Korean Internet Tour Day provides two complementary approaches to the Korean internet. The first session looks at the internet as a given environment resulting from governement policies: Kim Kee-Chang and Jay Yoon will examine the government-imposed security framework exemplified by ActiveX and authentication certificates. The second session examines the internet as a field of experience and activity by the individual. The artists invited two other projects in order to discuss the individual's experience and behavior, around keywords such as making, communities and online feminism.

Part 1: Internet as Government-Given Environment

Lecture 1: Jay Yoon (Creative Commons)
? From law to code
Lecture 2: Kim Kee-Chang (Korea University)
? The ecosystem of ActiveX industry: The 'Korean' Internet

Part 2: Internet as Field of Experience and Activity

Presentation 1: E Roon Kang, Wonyoung So, Achim Koh (Korean Internet Tour Guide)
Presentation 2: Dalrae Jin (Femidea)
Presentation 3: Oh Gahyeon, Lee Subin (Open Feminism, Kookmin University)
Moderator: Choi Seung Joon (Kookmin University)


Minji Cha, Raffles Design Institute

* Part 1 and Part 2 are each followed by a open floor discussion. Short break between two parts.
* All presentations and lectures are presented in Korean.

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"I don't know anything about the internet", February 6, 1996, Hankyoreh

Image courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art

Image courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art

Image courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art

Image courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art