COULD BE NO. 4: Radical Anticipation

COULD BE NO. 4: Radical Anticipation

Published on August 26, 2016

, 2016

The fourth issue of COULD BE was edited by Miguel A. L?pez, who focused on the reconfiguration of the language of participatory politics. In particular, the last issue considers feminism and queer politics as forms of a radical, unstoppable language that foresees the future, and it also helps explore their extrapolative power and energies.
-  Korean and English versions found in one book.

Guest Editor: Miguel A. L?pez

Contributors: Julia Bryan-Wilson, Giuseppe Campuzano, Wilson D?az, ?v?l ?. Durmu?o?lu, Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, Zoe Leonard, Carlos Motta, Jabulani Chen Pereira, Alejandro G?mez de Tuddo, Cecilia Vicu?a

Translator: Jeong Hye Kim

Design: Moon Jung Jang, Jeongmin Lee

COULD BE NO. 4: Radical Anticipation