COULD BE NO. 2: High School Special

COULD BE NO. 2: High School Special

Published on May 31

, 2016

Art thinks beyond conventions and given laws, and presents new perspectives. COULD BE NO. 2: High School Special challenges the authority of textbooks, and initiates debates on how to make the process of making textbooks more participatory. Inviting five Korean high school students as co-editors and discussion participants, Guest Editor Keiko Sei hosts a one week discussion in Seoul, February 2016. Five preselected materials that deal with wider social and political issues, and the summary of the students’ intense discussions which reveals their thoughts and feelings towards these issues were published as the first “textbook.” The following second “textbook” is comprised of the materials proposed by the students, imagining themselves as textbook producers, and their opinions. We hope this publication serves as an opportunity to meet, share and talk with the readers in high school among many others, and trigger ideas and discussions.

Guest Editor: Keiko Sei

Contributors:?Keiko Sei, Pooyo, Ami, Yanny, Junghye, Zziru.

Translators:?Hayun Kim, Kyounghee Lee, Gabriel Moon, Naoki Matsuyama

Proofreaders:?Varsha Nair, Esther Yu

Design: Moon Jung Jang, Seung-Ah Jang

Thanks to Norimizu Ameya, Parit Chiwarak, Sachio Ichimura, Yekyung Kil, Hyunah Kim (Haja Center), Seunghyo Lee, Jung-Yeon Ma, Keita Murano (Shueisha Inc.), Haecheon Park and Khasoad English

COULD BE NO. 2: High School Special