Taeyoon Choi, 2016.

Uncertainty School Screening

11.19, 2:00pm — 5:00pm
Community Gallery, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art B1F (map)

Screening Event

Kyuseob Kwak, Bum Park, Jaephil Ko, An Yong woo, Raya

Mediacity Seoul 2016 summer camp Uncertainty School participant Kyuseob Kwak, Bum Park X Jaephil Ko’s short films and Uncertainty School’s documentary will present.

1. Kyuseob Kwak
<Kitti and Tulip Episode 1: Kitti greeting with friends> 3:45, 2010
<Kitti and Tulip Episode 2: Appearance of Ducky and Robbins> 3:21, 2012
<Kitti and Tulip Episode 3: climb a tree> 2:41, 2012

2. Bum Park X Jaephil Ko X An Yong woo
<I know lagerbeld, but Lagerbeld don’t know me> 5:07, 2014
Bum Park, who likes fashion and enjoys sharing out gum with the people he meets, co-operated with two people who specialize in video art to produce this witty stop motion project. The main character, who is called 'Acacia' and is a representation of Bum's other self, goes on a trip to meet Chanel's designer, Kal Lager'b'eld, with his personal fashion portfolio in hand...

<The Best Among You> 12:56, 2015
The second series of <I know lagerbeld, but Lagerbeld don’t know me>. Acacia is suffering from insomnia and depression, dejected by the failure to gain recognition for his fashion. While in this state, he meets other characters in a similar situation and they lament over their shared struggles together, whilst also making comparisons between themselves. One day, Acacia meets Lucifer, who was cast out of heaven for committing sin, and starts to fall under Lucifer's enticement......

3. Raya Kim
<Uncertainty school documentary> 40 min, 2016

- Registration Period: November 15 - November 18, 6pm
- Participant Notification: November 19, 10am
- Seats will be reserved on a first come, first served basis
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email: register@mediacityseoul.kr
phone: +82-2-2124-8978

Taeyoon Choi, 2016.