Installation view at SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016, Image courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art

Story of Rebellious Words

10.20, 2:00pm — 5:00pm
Project Gallery, Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Main Building 3F (map)

Public Workshop 2

Kim Jiyeong

Kim Jiyeong is involved in the White Stork Nest community. Kim is concerned about the role of art in a culture where all that is described as being public is made homogeneous and flat and in an alternative society where warmth is artificially cultivated. Kim Jiyeong takes the signs that develop through interactions between society and individuals and gives them new life in the context of craft.

White Stork Nest White Stork Nest is a studio for cultural and artistic activities located in Banghak-dong, Dobong-gu which is at the northern perimeter of Seoul. It serves as the culture, arts and social hub for the community connecting resources and people in a web of relationships. At present, three artists live in the area and engage with the neighborhood’s residents and young activists in creative arts and culture projects. They are experimenting with having artists become a part of the local community to foster cultural developments and nurture new relationships through creative activities. Banghak-dong is an area where there is a concentration of micro-scale factories for manufacturing socks. The White Stork Nest team noted the large bundles of cloth that is sheared from each sock before the toe is sewn closed and thrown away as scraps. They have developed an upcycling method of weaving the discarded fabric together to use as material for arts and crafts. This has evolved into a uniquely local culture and art initiative, and serves, furthermore, as an invigorating catalyst of life in the community. White Stork Nest now continues to hold workshops to explore the opportunity that the sock upcycling project presents.

Technician: Kim Myeong Jin
Participants: Kim Yeoungmi, Bae Jiyeon, Lee Eunmi, Suh Yun, Jeong Jae Eun

Kim Jiyeong try to follow the rebelliousness of language that has slipped away from our tendencies toward statistical indication and centripetal force and has been sidelined to the margins. A Discordant Community, Story of Rebellious Words leads to some keywords and statements that indicate incidents caused by hatred, explosive language as an expression of fury, people who are displaced by others’ desires to live a better life, people (often called ‘we’) who are pushed into a state of disaster, and so on. This project is represented by various handicrafts including objects made by latch hook, needle point and cross-stitch. Craft here does not serve a decorative function as much as it is a potential social field and an experimental tool required for that social ground.

A Discordant Community, Story of Rebellious Words proceeds as a collective project by people who met through a project by White Storks Nest (a local community based in Banghak-dong, Seoul). Participants of this project are mostly women ranging from their teens to their thirties. They first met each other at this workshop and formed a loose relationship through their handicraft work. They are all absorbed in their project while enjoying it. Individual absorption sometimes creates conflicts between members, though manual work in silence seems to ease any tensions. This workshop will be completed through two times of open workshop during the Biennale.

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Installation view at SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016, Image courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art

Installation view at SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016, Image courtesy of Seoul Museum of Art