COULD BE NO. 1: Trios of Guides.

COULD BE NO. 1: Trios of Guides

Published on April 29

, 2016

COULD BE NO.1: Trios of Guides departs from the noteworthy changes occurred in contemporary art systems in Korea during the mid-2010s, and proposes a new way to write about these recent events. Guest Editor Yekyung Kil, with the introduction of Seewon Hyun, invites as participants those who have initiated, witnessed, observed, recorded, and participated in these changes. The participants met on February 19, 2016, to attend Guide to Guide led by Wonhwa Yoon, where they walked together from SeMA Seosomun main building to SeMa Gyeonghuigung Museum of Art, stopped over several historical sites, and conversed with one another. Trios of Guides, four temporary writing collective groups each consisted of three, was formed this day. After sharing their ideas of collective writing, each group wrote collaboratively in different ways on topics of their choice, the result of which are the four pieces of writings included in COULD BE NO.1. Full of access points to the changed artistic culture in Korea, the writings welcome readers to start from any of these points and relate in their own ways.

Edited by Yekyung Kil

Contributors:?Jeamin Cha, Hokeypokey, Seewon Hyun, Juyoung Jung, Kim Yeongsu, Helen Ku, Park Hyun-jung, Ji-Hyun Park, In-ah Shin, Woo Ahreum, Yoongky, Yoon Hyangro, Wonhwa Yoon

Translators:?Hayun Kim, Achim Koh, Liz Park, Meeky Song, Wonhwa Yoon

Proofreader: Esther Yu

Design:?Moon Jung Jang, Seung-Ah Jang

COULD BE NO. 1: Trios of Guides.