Genre Sub Genre

Genre Sub Genre is a short film consisting of four episodes documenting the predictions of a land in the Southeast of Indonesia. An experimental video work, it was included in the movie and photography project hosted by the Nusa Tenggara Timur Museum of Indonesia.

The Act of Killing

Cinema has traditionally been dominated by films about good versus evil, the good fighting against the bad. However, the good and the bad only exist in stories. In reality, every evil act in history has been committed by human beings like ourselves.

Mismatched Nose

Although this film won an award as an excellent anticommunist film, being classified as one of many anticommunist films produced in the 1970s, the director shows his cynical irony by paradoxically revealing the emptiness of anticommunist ideology.

Shakespeare Must Die

A dictator sits alone in his dark mansion, grieving for his mad, dead wife, as a mass uprising rages against him. Elsewhere in a theatre, Shakespeare’s Macbeth is being staged; its scenes intercut with his flashbacks to tell the story of an ambitious general who, prompted by witches, kills the king to crown himself.

Thousand Years Old Fox

Director Shin Sang-ok, who made some of the best commercial films in the 1960s, delivers the topics of never-ending stories such as the dynamics of a ruler and subjects, and power and sex through the sentiments of a horror movie.