Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones’ 16mm film The Spectre and the Sphere evokes the spectres of ideology and amplifies residual voices that haunt the cultural vessels of history. It examines how the spaces of our popular imagining, such as the theater and the cinema, are also containers of historical and political impulses.

DocLab’s Works

Based in Hanoi, DOCLAB is an art center for documentaries, experimental films and videos. Founded in 2009, DOCLAB has been working to take film and its audience back into the realm of the individual. Taking documentaries beyond “objectivities,” Hanoi DOCLAB explores the unknown in-between spaces: between objective observance and subjective experience, fiction and non-fiction, the public and the private.

Unknown (Yojiyundo)

Immortals’ Feast on Yoji Pond is known to have been created during the Yuan dynasty. It gained popularity during the Ming dynasty. In Korea, it first appeared in court painting during the Joseon Dynasty and was used as a background image for folding screens during the late Joseon period.

Sang-il Choi, Jiyeon Kim

Materials in the listening archive Grandmothers’ Lounge: From the Other Side of Voices were selected by radio producer Sang-il Choi out of the three radio programs he produced at MBC from 1989 to 2005, Korean Traditional Folksongs, Baekdu-Daegan Folk Travel, and Korean Traditional Singers.

Yoneda Tomoko

We frail humans were witness to a horror that could not have been foreseen even with all of our knowledge and imagination, and to the existence of a phenomenon so immense that individuals were powerless to resist it.