The Border City 2

In 2003, Prof. Song Du-yul decided to go back to his homeland after spending thirty seven years in Germany in spite of an arrest warrant that had been issued. But within a week he fell from a respected advocate of democracy to the biggest spy ever. This threw Korean society into a turmoil of red paranoia.

10 Years of Video Art in Indonesia

Film director and artist Hafiz selected a collection of works titled ‘10 Years of Video Art in Indonesia,’ a joint project with the OK. Video Festival and an alternative artist group ruangrupa.


One of the few partisan units left in Mt. Jiri after the signing of the Armistice, the unit led by a captain nicknamed “Agari” commits all manner of atrocities. One day, a female partisan soldier named So-ju, who had been transferred to another unit, finds her way back to Piagol with a bullet wound in her shoulder.

Cutaways of Jiang Chun Gen ? Forward and Back Again

This documentary short is a portrait of an elderly Chinese farmer who was infected by Japanese biological warfare (glanders) in […]

Searching for Dead Dogs

My grandmother’s home has a mystery. Whenever my grandmother takes care of a dog, it dies. This project explores essayistic personal documentary film as an artful and moving humanly rich form, following the track of grandmother’s life story.