Bae Young-whan

In Inwang Mountain, Seoul, the sacred and the secular live together. The past and present coexist. Both ideas and reality stay together while soldiers, shamans, hikers and Buddhist monks get along with one another. Even political conspiracies and religions have left their marks there.

Mikhail Karikis

In Children of Unquiet, Karikis collaborated with the children of the remaining families living in the area around the geothermal power plant to create a film that orchestrates a children’s “take-over” of a deserted workers’ village and its adjacent industrial and natural locations.

Memories of Over-Development

Filming started in the early 1980s and it took the director over thirty years to complete the film. Director Kidlat plays the role of Magellan’s slave Enrique, who was with Magellan when the Philippines was first discovered.

Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones’ 16mm film The Spectre and the Sphere evokes the spectres of ideology and amplifies residual voices that haunt the cultural vessels of history. It examines how the spaces of our popular imagining, such as the theater and the cinema, are also containers of historical and political impulses.


Upon the site lie fifty human beings oscillating between consciousness and unconsciousness, life and death. Each of them emerges into the foreground clutching a fist, batting an eyelid, or weeping for his neighbor.