[SECTION 5] Documentary Lab / November 18th?23th

Unfinished Work

Korea, 2011, 31min, B&W, Digital File

Hye Jeong Cho

We should take the matter of colonization as a foundation of reason about sovereignty. But those chances were postponed or annihilated by the Korean War, division and so on. The matter of colonization reverted to the materials for campaigns led by nations or the education of nationalization. So the matter of colonization became a replacement for the issue of not using Japanese ways of speaking or watching movies commemorating Yoo Kwan Soon. Identical indicators of sub-main agents (margin, women and the non-center) who have been oppressed and excluded in the nation-state are examined through historical context.
Cho has held solo exhibitions including Unfinished Work (Gallery Jungmiso) and has participated in events such as the 2010 Gwangju Biennale, “Vide & 0” (Arko Art Center), “Made in Asia, Le Divan du Monde” (France), and “Documentary in Art” (Ilmin Museum of Art). She was the recipient of Korean EXiS Award and the Grand Prize at the Berkeley Video Film Festival.