Mediacity Seoul is an international biennale of media art and contemporary art organized by Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). Initiated in 2000 under the title ‘Media City, the bienniale reflects the media-frenzy characteristics of Seoul and confers the identity of Seoul Museum of Art. Since its conception, the operation of preparing and realizing the Biennale had been commissioned to external agencies. In 2013, the Museum established a structure to organize the Biennale directly.
Celebrating its 8th rendition this year, Mediacity Seoul in the making of 14 years of its history, aiming to introduce mostly contemporary media art works based on the idea of exchange and convergence of science, humanities and technology, to the citizens and international viewers.
SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul had invited different artistic directors for each Biennale held over the years to introduce a diverse range of media art and establish its specific field of art. This year’s artistic director is artist/film director Park Chan-kyong, who conceived the theme of exhibition as ‘Asia’ with the title, ‘Ghosts, Spies, and Grandmothers’. More than 452 teams of artists from 51 countries have participated in total in the past exhibitions. This year, 42 international artists (teams included) from 17 countries are presenting their works.
As being a well-established multidisciplinary art festival without border of genres, Mediacity Seoul shares the trajectory of the ‘post-museum’ vision of Seoul Museum of Art, pursuing the double-faceted values of regional and global, authentic and alternative, traditional and contemporary values.