[SECTION 2] Asian Gothic September 11t?17th

Shakespeare Must Die

Thailand, 2012, 172min, Color, DCP

Ing K

A dictator sits alone in his dark mansion, grieving for his mad, dead wife, as a mass uprising rages against him. Elsewhere in a theatre, Shakespeare’s Macbeth is being staged; its scenes intercut with his flashbacks to tell the story of an ambitious general who, prompted by witches, kills the king to crown himself. The darkly comic horror movie elements such as the Halloween witches and their black magic, the vengeful ghost and the killings are all here, but they pale in comparison to the real horror of watching the tragic disintegration of Macbeth and his wife as, separately and together, they descend into private hells of spiritual corruption and insanity.
Ing K came to filmmaking by way of investigative journalism and painting. Her experimental first feature was banned by the government censors for disrespect towards all religions. In 1998, she made the politically charged, the only documentary ever to win Best Picture in the Kom Chad Luek Awards, the Thai equivalent of the Golden Globes.