[SECTION 5] Documentary Lab / November 18th?23th

Searching for Dead Dogs

Korea, 2010, 31min, Color/B&W, HDV

Sook Hyun Kim

My grandmother’s home has a mystery. Whenever my grandmother takes care of a dog, it dies. This project explores essayistic personal documentary film as an artful and moving humanly rich form, following the track of grandmother’s life story. It starts in a funny, mysterious and fictional situation but suddenly meets political and historical issues with a different kind of logic.
Sook Hyun Kim made Cosmic Emptiness (2005), My Village, Kwang-an 3dong (2006), The Conversation with Dr. Mouse (2007), The Crossing (2007), Searching for Dead Dogs (2010), Still Life in the City (2012) and Hold Me (2013).