[SECTION 5] Documentary Lab / November 18th?23th

Pictures at an Exhibition

Korea, 2013, 22min, Color, HD

Hwang Sun Sook

전람회의 그림
There was inertia of national loyalty inside the defected North Korean organization’s cultural performances / Disappearing features of certain minority groups in Taiwan now only functioned as a wooden statue that showed the superb view of the mountain / A fire of inertia broke out at construction sites of the National Modern Art Museum / The docent megaphone in the exhibition is the inertia which conceals inertia / No pictures at an exhibition is there / It is a statue of an artistic view / Sitting on a cable car, which has fixed movement, never moved away, I do sight-seeing / It is a credit card point that changes the world / Plastic surgery, art fair and auctions are thorough humanism / The old lady selling flowers on the street let their children in her hometown. They came this much later on / The number one national treasure also burned up this much but came back / She said she could not get back to the hometown.
Hwang received her B.F.A.in oriental painting at Hongik University and her M.A. in Film/TV at the School of Media Communications at Sogang University. She has held the solo exhibition “Remaining Place” (Gallery Dos, Seoul) and has participated in group exhibitions such as MADATAC: Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts (Auditorium CentroCentro, Spain) and “General Theatre: Interspace Dialogue” (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul). She won the Joong-won Prize at the Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul.