[SECTION 1] Medium / September 2nd? 5th


Japan/Thailand, 2012, 9min, Color, HD

Tamura Yuichiro, Krissakorn Thinthupthai

The “Pea” refers to the spirits living in the forest of Thailand. The spirit Pea sleeping among the trees is not visible to the human adult. In this film, which was shot in the village of Surin in northeastern Thailand, a boy from the village was painted black on his whole body and walked among the adults. Displayed on the screen as “black,” which suggests that you are unseen or not exist, this things connect with the spirit Pea’s existence. The light that makes up the image and the shadow that makes things invisible are strangely intertwined with faith and nature in northeastern Thailand.
Tamura graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Graduate School of Film and New Media. He has pursued the possibilities of the moving image, taking photography as a point of departure while straddling various media including film, installation, and performance. His film NIGHTLESS received the excellence award at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2010 and has been shown internationally.
Krissakorn Thinthupthai was born in 1979 in Surin, Thailand. After graduating from Pohchang Academy of Arts, he began working as prop assistant in many Thai commercials, films, and many of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s short and feature films. Some of his own short films were also shown in Rotterdam, New York, Hamburg and many other international film festivals.