[SECTION 3] Cold War Theater / October 14th?19th

Mismatched Nose

Korea, 1980, 110min, Color, 35mm

Im Kwon-taek

A homeless old man is sent to a rehabilitation center. He is Song Gi-yeol who was a combat policeman for liquidating Communist guerillas during the Korean War. At the rehabilitation center, he finds Baek Gong-san, nicknamed “Chakko,” whom he devoted his life to tracking down. In the past, Song Gi-yeol accidently lost Chakko, a notorious Communist guerilla, while transporting him. As a result, Song was kicked off by the police and his family suffered a breakdown. Song asks Chakko to escape from the rehabilitation center to clear his name to his boss who fired him and his wife who killed herself. Although this film won an award as an excellent anticommunist film, being classified as one of many anticommunist films produced in the 1970s, the director shows his cynical irony by paradoxically revealing the emptiness of anticommunist ideology.
Born in 1936 in Jangseong, Jeollanam-do. His reputation grew with Pursuit of Death (1980), Mandala (1981), Gilsotteum (1985), Surrogate Mother (1986), and other works. In 1993, his Pansori film Sopyonje was a big success at the box office as well as critically. He won the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival with Chihwaseon (2002). After his 100th film Beyond the Years (2006) and 101st film Hanji (2010), he has finished his new film Make-Up (2014).