[SECTION 2] Asian Gothic September 11th?17th

Memories of Over-Development

The Philippines, 1980-2014, 132min, Color, Digital File

Kidlat Tahimik

과잉개발의 기억
The title of this film refers to a Cuban film Memories of Underdevelopment. Filming started in the early 1980s and it took the director over thirty years to complete the film. Director Kidlat plays the role of Magellan’s slave Enrique, who was with Magellan when the Philippines was first discovered. Creating a fictional figure and playing its role are characteristic of Kidlat’s early projects, but the director?who is almost seventy years old now?went through many changes in his life and work. As if reflecting such changes, the completed film is chaotic. The work started with the director proving himself and became a work of ruminating on his life today.
A masterpiece from the Third World, Tahimik’s debut film Perfumed Nightmare (1977) caught the attention of critics around the world after it was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival’s Forum for younger filmmakers. He dealt with post-colonialism in Who Invented the YoYo, Who Invented the Moon Buggy? (1979). In 1983 made Turumba, which criticized colonialism through the traditional narrative. In 1994, he directed Why Is Yellow the Middle of Rainbow?, a documentary that captured the changes in people and the country after a great democratic revolution in the Philippines. During the 1990s he made many short films in the form of a video library.