[SECTION 4] Her Time / November 4th?9th

Legend of Miryang1

Korea, 2013, 74min, Color, HD

Park Bae-il

I live in Miryang, the town of sunlight. I settled here ten years ago because it was getting harder for me to live with all of the farm work and, with its clean air and water, this was a perfect place to take a rest. I am not the only one. One of my neighbors came here to recover from bad health, too… However, my life nowadays has become so sad and bitter. Transmission towers, called 765 something, are said to be built in the neighborhood, and it is making so much trouble. Last year, an old man who lived in another town not far from here killed himself because of it. And I, trying to stop the construction people from cutting down trees, was dragged around by young men far below my age, getting insulted with harsh words I’d never heard before. I still have the scars from being beaten by them back then. People say that 64 transmission towers are going to be seated in Miryang… It’s been eight years since I started the fight against it. Eight years! It’s quite a long story, but would you like to listen to it?
Park works for ozifilm, a documentary-making community in Busan. He has revealed interest in the disadvantaged class of people through his films. The Way to Jeje (2008) deals with the mobility rights of people with disabilities through a handicapped couple’s love and Sea of Butterfly (2011) presents the story of the same couple’s wedding, while Cruel Season (2010) documents sanitation workers’ lives.