[SECTION 1] Medium / September 2nd? 5th

Ieoh Island

Korea, 1977, 110min, Color, 35mm

Kim Ki-young

Seonwoo Hyeon visits Parang Island, a small island near Jeju. He recalls what happened four years ago. Seonwoo was a planning manager for a tourist agency and let a ship set sail to promote a new hotel that his company was building in Jeju. When a journalist Cheon Nam-seok died while requesting the event be stopped and the ship go back to the port, Seonwoo felt responsible for the accident and visited Cheon’s hometown Parang Island. Son Min-ja, a barmaid there, suggested that they pray for the repose of Cheon’s soul at a shrine for the people who drowned off Ieoh Island. This film is a bizarre piece by director Kim Ki-young who freely interpreted the novelist Yi Cheong-jun’s original story. Adopting the frame of a mystery drama and crossing over different time periods, Kim combines shamanism, the salvation of human beings, and even ecology in the film.
Born in 1919 in Seoul. Kim Ki-young debuted as a film director with The Box of Death in 1955. He directed more than 30 feature films including The Housemaid (1960), Goryeojang (1963), Woman of Fire (1971), Insect Woman (1972), Ieoh Island (1977), Carnivorous Animal (1984) and An Experience to Die For (1995). In 1997, the Busan International Film Festival held a retrospective of his unique works. He passed away in 1998.