[SECTION 4] Her Time / November 4th?9th

How to Disappear Completely

The Philippines, 2013, 80min, Color, DCP

Raya Martin

A young girl from the countryside dreams of disappearing. She plays a lonely game of hide-and-seek while her mother quotes the Bible and her father relishes in alcohol. She decides to put on a stage play based on an old Philippine film about a family who disappears in the mountain during the war. But soon after the performance, she vanishes from the car, prompting her parents to look for her in the woods. One by one, they all start to disappear. How to Disappear Completely also serves as a remake of an old film. We made the film not to finish it but to live inside it.
Born in 1984 in the Philippines. He studied film at the University of Diliman. He started making short films after working as a writer and researcher for a variety of media. He was the first Philippian ever selected for the 11th edition of the Cin?fondation in Cannes. Retrospectives of the work of the barely 30-year-old director have been featured internationally.