[SECTION 1] Medium / September 2nd? 5th

Hold your breath for four minutes ?The Cemetery

Korea, 2008, 4min, Color, HD

Sangdon Kim

Sangpae-dong Public Cemetery has served as a burial site for more than 5,000 unidentified deceased since the colonial era. These “unidentified” deceased belong to many different kinds of minority groups that have drifted in and vanished out by the political shifts in the history of Dongducheon. They include sex workers, smugglers, gangsters, drug dealers, “migrant” laborers, illegitimate children of the US soldiers and simply underprivileged Koreans. Apparently a peaceful flow of natural images and sound, this video piece is a delicately edited sequence knitted by the rules of formal interrelation, conceptual resonance and semiotic logic. An underlying tone is keen, subdued, yet intense, which leads viewers to question who is alive and dead, who is being silenced by whom.
Born in 1973, Kim completed the course of Meisterschueler, Freie Kunst at Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin (Berlin, University of the Arts). He held a solo exhibition “Antenna” (Doosan Gallery New York) and participated in group exhibitions including “Animism” (Ilmin Museum of Art). In 2010, he was invited to 8?me Festival international, Signes de Nuit, and he won the 12th Herm?s Art Award in 2011.