[SECTION 4] Her Time / November 4th?9th

Habitual Sadness 2

Korea, 1997, 56min, Color, Beta

Byun Young-joo

The story of the women at the House of Sharing continues. The old women who share a common bond lead a peaceful life in the countryside, raising vegetables and chickens and painting pictures. They are no different from the elderly women we see everyday. However, they are all marked by pain and sorrow from their shared history of being “comfort women” during World War II. They became subject to prejudice in their own homeland after their return to Korea. It is painful for them to watch other peoples’ children and grandchildren, and they feel rage when the Japanese government tries to cover up the crimes they committed against them. The films ask us to remember what these women sacrificed and the shame and misery they faced, even as these individuals pass away often forgotten by their own people.
Byun Young-joo is a representative female director who comes from documentary filmmaking background. She is well known for the series Habitual Sadness, which deals with the subject of comfort women. She also directed some fiction films such as Helpless (2011).