[SECTION 5] Documentary Lab / November 18th?23th

Train Journal from DOCLAB’s Works

Vietnam, 2010-2013, 78min, Color, Digital File


Based in Hanoi, DOCLAB is an art center for documentaries, experimental films and videos. DOCLAB presents selected works including Tran Thanh Hien’s Train Journal (2010), Pham Ngoc Lan’s The Story of Ones (2011), Dang Duc Loc’s Public Living (2011), Do Van Hoang’s At the Water’s Edge (2011), Dong Phuong Thao’s Grandfather (2012), Khong Viet Back’s TV (2012) and Blue Balloon (2013), and Nguyen Thuy Tien’s Case 1953 (2013). These works were selected by the founder of DOCLAB and documentary producer Nguyen Trinh Thi.
Founded in 2009, DOCLAB has been working to take film and its audience back into the realm of the individual. Taking documentaries beyond “objectivities,” Hanoi DOCLAB explores the unknown in-between spaces: between objective observance and subjective experience, fiction and non-fiction, the public and the private.