[SECTION 5] Documentary Lab / November 18th?23th

A blanket area

Korea, 2008, 9min, Color/B&W, DV

Wonwoo Lee

There were so many cameras at the Candle Demonstration in 2008. I also had a camera but I could only shoot at daytime because I brought a super 8 film camera. I could never film the candle or water bomb parades in early June when the daytime was not so long. I made a record only I could hear and see with a small voice recorder for the night and super 8 film cameras for the day.
Lee’s film Dolce far niente- the tomb story 1 (2007) was introduced at the Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (EXiS), Seoul Independent Film Festival, and the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. Since then, Lee has continued to present films such as Otobai (2008), A blanket area (2008), Mirror & Watch (2009), Gangjung Interview Project (2012), Generator of Duriban (2012), and The Membrane (2013) at films festivals both in Korea and abroad.