[SECTION 5] Documentary Lab / November 18th?23th

Fish Market from 10 Years of Video Art in Indonesia

Indonesia, 2001-2009, 77min, Color, Digital File

OK. Video / ruangrupa

Film director and artist Hafiz selected a collection of works titled ‘10 Years of Video Art in Indonesia,’ a joint project with the OK. Video Festival and an alternative artist group ruangrupa. The works include Prilla Tania’s Memanen Matahari (2009), Ari Satria Darma’s IQRA (2005), Eko Nugroho’s Bercerobong (2003), Mahesa Almaida’s Fish Market (2002), Aditya Satria’s Happiness is Milk (2001), Tintin Wulia’s Everything’s OK (2003), Wimo Ambala Bayang’s Once Upon a Time in China (2005), Reza Afisina’s What (2001), Anggun Priambodo’s Crash (2004), Bagasworo Aryaningtyas’s Bilal (2006), Mahardika Yudha’s Sunrise Jive (2005), Maulana Muhammad Pasha’s Jalan Tak Ada Ujung (2006), Otty Widasari’s Rumah (2007) and Forum Lenteng’s Andy Bertanya (2003).
OK. Video is one of the divisions of ruangrupa and organizes the biennial video festival OK. Video?Jakarta International Video Festival. The division also conducts workshops and produces, collects, documents, and distributes video art in Indonesia. ruangrupa is an artists’ initiative established in 2000 by a group of artists in Jakarta. It is a not-for-profit organization that strives to support the progress of art ideas within the urban context and the larger scope of the culture by means of exhibitions, festivals, art labs, workshops, research, and journal publication.