Mahardika Yudha

b. 1981. Lives and works in Jakarta. Mahardika Yudha is a coordinator in Research and Development Division at Forum Lenteng and Development Video Art Division at ruangrupa. His works have been presented in many national and international film festivals and exhibitions with Forum Lenteng, ruangrupa, or as an individual artist. Most recently, he participated in Singapore Biennale (2013) with the work The Face of The Black River.

Sunrise Jive, 2005
Video, color, sound, 7 min.
마할디카 유다
Courtesy Forum Lenteng
The video Sunrise Jive is considered to be important as it presents well issues connected to the socio-political history of Indonesia. The music in the Sunrise Jive is a memory of the times when military ruled. Like a theater stage, this record also describes how workers act every morning, with all the awkwardness and rejection of company rules. This work is very fresh and full of humor, and presents reality very naturally as it was recorded candidly as it is. [Hafiz, 10 Years of Video Art in Indonesia 2000-2010]