Ho Sin Tung

b. 1986. Lives and works in Hong Kong. Ho Sin Tung graduated from Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University in Hong Kong. Her works are sometimes exhibited, sometimes collected, sometimes awarded and sometimes abandoned. Her work Hong Kong Inter-vivos Film Festival has shown in the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award Exhibition in Hong Kong Museum of Art and Shanghai Biennale (2012). www.hooosintung.com

From Hong Kong Inter-vivos Film Festival. Cluedid, 2012
Ink and color pencil on paper, 101.5×68.5 cm
Courtesy the artist and M+, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (Hong Kong)
The Hong Kong Inter-vivos Film Festival presents 28 imagery films as an exhibition by the artist Ho Sin Tung. It consists of paintings of fake or imagined film stills and movie posters, imaginary film synopses and movie trailers by Ho Sin Tung. The result is an imaginary film festival, which happens to coincide with the real Hong Kong International Film Festival 2012.
Each of these 28 films belongs to different categories including Masterpiss, Classic Restoriette, The Advance Guard, Mocumentary, Czech Republic Goes Public etc. Within these categories, Ho tries to challenge classic authority and present the power of association in order to discuss the phenomenon of the Film Festival and to reflect on her own mentality.
Each imaginary film signifies a real situation, such as the fulfillment of an unfulfilled desire or the denial of perfection. The Latin term Inter-vivos can be directly translated as “between the living”?because only the living can be the audience of the Film Festival, but it is only in the imaginary and dead world that things are possible. [Ho Sin Tung]