CHUNG Seoyoung

b. 1964. Lives and works in Seoul. CHUNG Seoyoung has had nine solo exhibitions including “The Speed of the Large, the Small, and the Wide” (Ilmin Museum of Art), “Apple vs Banana” (Hyundai Cultural Center Model House/Kim Kim Gallery), “The Adventure of Mr. Kim and Mr. Lee” (LIG Art Hall), “Monster map, 15min” (Gallery Plant), “On top of the table, please use ordinary nails with small head. Do not use screws” (Atelier Herm?s), “Leave the Campfire There” (Portikus) and “Lookout” (Artsonje Center). CHUNG has participated in several international and group exhibitions such as the Gwangju Biennale (2002, 2008) and Venice Biennale (Korean Pavilion, 2003).

Clay Tower, 2013
Pencil on pigment print, 29.7×21 cm and 42×29.7 cm (each), 9 pieces as 1 set
Courtesy Ilmin Museum of Art
Old Problems Gathered in a Temporary Manner 1
Clay Tower /
Clay Tower is a photo that captures the minute adjustments of a body as a man tries to prevent an improvised clay tower from falling off his knee. The clay tower and the body in the photo construct a sculptural reality that emerges through the changes and movements of the body and its posture for supporting the clay tower and through the time drawn by the body to support such characteristics.