Choi Sunghun + Park Sunmin

Choi Sunghun b. 1970, Park Sunmin b. 1971. Lives and works in Seoul. This artist duo has experimented with the web of relationships between words and images, ecology and daily life, and sense and reason by using the media of photography, the moving image and installation. They have participated in group exhibitions such as ‘Daystar’ Series (Deoksugung Palace Project, 2012), “Made of Layers” (FOIL Gallery, 2010) and “Made in Korea” (Hanover, 2009). Their solo shows include exhibitions at the Geothe-Institut (Seoul, 2013), Gallery Factory (Seoul, 2007) and Galerie der Stadt Remscheid (Remscheid, 2004).

all about trembling, 2014
Mixed media, dimensions variable
Commissioned by SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2014
Electric cords create a unique impressive landscape of Korea. Most electric cords are entangled in a surprisingly complex way.We often witness magpies or sparrows perching on the lines. Considering the strong electric power flowing inside the line cover, the idyllic scene of the birds would soon turn into a risky play prior to an impending dangerous disaster. In between the temporary and vulnerable existences such as birds or plastic bags and the jungle of towering desire-technology that constantly moves the metropolis, the artists look at the unstable co-existence of conflicting aesthetic values. The black plastic bags seem to be trembling in between a sad contemplation of this fleeting world and the unstoppable speed of civilization. [Choi Sunghun + Park Sunmin]